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Low FODMAP Recipe : Eggplant salad with black bean


2 medium eggplant/aubergines, cut lengthways into 1cm strips

125ml vegetable oil

4 spring onions, green ends thinly sliced diagonally

3 red chillies, deseeded and thinly sliced

3 tbsp black bean sauce

1 tbsp fish sauce

handful coriander leaves


Place the eggplant/aubergine strips in a wok or frying pan and cover with cold water.

Bring to the boil, cook for 2-3 mins, then remove from the heat, drain and allow to cool before patting dry with kitchen paper.

Dry the wok or pan. Heat the vegetable oil until a small piece of bread sizzles when placed in the oil, then add the cooled aubergine strips.

Leave to cook for 5 mins until browned, taking care not to move the eggplant/aubergine around too much or it will turn mushy.

Remove the eggplant/aubergine from the pan and drain on kitchen paper. Pour away all but 1 tbsp of oil.

Return the eggplant/aubergine to the pan along with spring onions and chillies.

Stir through the black bean and fish sauces, then cook for 2 mins. Serve warm or cold with the coriander leaves scattered over.

Recipe from Good Food magazine

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