Toast the split gluten free bagel. Stir creamed horseradish into mayonnaise. Cook slice of smoked salmon in a non-stick frying pan for a few seconds on each side, until it turns opaque.

Spread one side of the bagel with the mayo and top with the salmon. Heat some oil in the pan and make the scrambled egg, adding the chives at the end.

Put the scrambled egg on top of the salmon, season and serve.

Recipe from Good Food magazine

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1 gluten free bagel cut in half

1 tsp creamed horseradish*

1 tbsp mayonnaise

a large slice smoked salmon

2 eggs

Lactose free milk for scrambled eggs

1 tsp snipped chives

*Most shop bought horseradish sauce mixes will have lactose. To make your own simply grate horseradish into lactose free cream and season.

Low FODMAP Recipe

Flash-fried smoked salmon & egg bagel

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