Low FODMAP Recipe - Basic Rice Pudding


Add 2 cups of water, the vanilla and lemon to a pan and bring to the boil.

Add the 2 cups of rice and stir to ensure the rice does not stick.  

Allow to cook for the first five minutes then stir until almost all the water has been absorbed.

This should take a further five to ten minutes, during which you do not have to stir all the time.

However when the rice has absorbed most the water it will need to be stirred to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.

When most the water has been absorbed add in all the remaining ingredients and continue to stir until the rice pudding had become rich and creamy in appearance.  

You may need to add more lactose free/rice milk to get the result you desire.

When rich is cooked through and creamy, serve.

Recipe from Good Food magazine

*Tip - If you are uanble to use lactose free whole milk you can add dairy free cream at the end, as there are some great varieties now available.  This will provide a better finish, however the original dish made with semi skimmed or rice milk is relatively low in fat.

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2 cups  pudding rice/risotto rice

2 cups water

50g sugar

500ml lactose free semi-skimmed/whole milk or rice/oat milk *

1 vanilla pod, or drop vanilla essence and strip lemon zest

*If you are able to cope with dairy we highly recommend lactose free whole milk for the very best results.