Drain and rinse a the jar of Peppadew sweet piquante peppers and tip them into a food processor or blender. Add the tomatoes, roughly chopped,  tomato paste and most of the bunch of chives, snipped.

Whizz together until blended, but still chunky. Season with pepper and spoon half into a serving dish, sprinkle over the remaining chives and serve with lots of crisp, fresh, raw veg sticks. You can also grill a few corn tortillas until crisp, then snap them into pieces.

Pop them under a hot grill – they take about a minute each, turning once. The other half of the dip will keep refrigerated for three days.

Recipe from Good Food magazine

Low FODMAP Recipe

Tomato & pepper dip

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375g jar of Peppadew sweet piquante peppers

3 tomatoes, roughly chopped

1 tbsp tomato paste

a bunch of chives, snipped