Low FODMAP Recipe

Gluten Free Bechamel Sauce**


Gently melt the lactose free butter in a pan.

Add the gluten free flour or potato starch.

Gradually add the lactose free milk to the mixture, stirring vigorously and constantly.

Keep stirring until mixture thickens, for best results a tbsp of lactose free double cream will make the sauce smooth and will also improve the color which may sometimes be slightly grey with gluten free flour blends.

If the sauce is too thick, add extra lactose free milk, if it is too thin mix corn flour with cold mix then pour into the pan and heat until thickened.

Recipe from Good Food magazine

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4 tbsp lactose free butter or non dairy alternative

1 tbsp potato or corn starch*

1 cup lactose free milk

1 tbsp lactose free double cream (optional)


*most gluten free plain flours will also work, however some may impart an undesired flavour, hence we recommend sticking to potato starch or only using a gluten free flour blend that you trust or have used before.

**this recipe may require some trial and error due to the variable nature of many gluten free flour blends, while they are improving all the time, do shop around to get a brand you like.

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